Handy tips from Irish mums for fixing ANY parenting hiccup 3 months ago

Handy tips from Irish mums for fixing ANY parenting hiccup

Are you hunting for parenting short-cuts?

We spend reams of time searching for instant cures for everyday foibles but sometimes seems like we're just wasting time.

Solving every single problem is impossible - that's a fact - but here's how to experience that high-five moment every once in a while to make life a little bit easier (and much more entertaining).

1. Red wine spill on a carpet? Pour a little white wine on it to help the stain along.

Glass of red wine Credit: Getty Images

2. Add salt to your load of laundry to brighten the colours of your clothes.

Laundry room Credit: Getty Images

3. On park visits pop a sticky label onto your child's top "If am am lost call...". This is one we picked up from a Mum this weekend at our first family event, the Laya Spectacular Cityfest.

Child holding sticky note Credit: Getty Images

4. Putting the iPad in "Kid mode" will prevent them getting into your folders and prevent them from browsing things that aren't appropriate.

Child playing on ipad Credit: Getty Images

5. When playing video games with a child, unplug their controller. They will feel part of the game and have endless entertainment as you complete different levels with them! Easy

Parent playing video game with kid Credit: Getty Images

7. Microwaving lemons and other fruits for 15 seconds can double the amount of juice when using them.

Lemons in the microwave Credit: Getty Images

8. Bottle too hot? Cool it fast by wrapping it in a wet paper towel, then pop it in the freezer for two minutes.

Baby being fed a bottle Credit: Getty Images

9. Putting fizzy white lemonade in a vase with flowers will preserve them for longer. Who knew?


Vase of flowers in a window Credit: Getty Images

10. Pop a used, wet kitchen sponge in the microwave for two minutes to kill 99% of its bacteria.

Kitchen sponge in microwave Credit: Getty Images

11. Got a puker? Clean baby-vom by putting ground coffee on it first. It takes away the smell and dehydrates it. Then, you can just sweep it up. This is genius.

12. Getting your child to sit on a gym ball when doing their homework will help with their concentration and posture (FYI this works for adults too).


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