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21st Jun 2024

These baby names are climbing in popularity thanks to Taylor Swift’s albums

Sophie Collins

Taylor Swift Baby names

Would you pick baby names based in inspiration from your favourite singer?

Taylor Swift’s talents have created a huge community of men and women who bond over their love of her music.

If you’re a Swiftie expecting a little girl, here are six charming baby names that seem to be climbing the charts, inspired by Taylor Swift’s albums.

1. Abigail

Inspired by Taylor’s early hit “Fifteen,” Abigail is a timeless name symbolising friendship and loyalty. 

2. Willow

From the “Evermore” album, Willow is a nature-inspired name that evokes images of strength and grace.

3. Betty

This charming, old-fashioned name from the “Folklore” album has made a delightful comeback. 

Betty offers a touch of nostalgia and sweetness, perfect for a modern yet classic name.

4. Marjorie

Featured in the song “Marjorie” on the “Evermore” album, this name honours Taylor’s late granny. 

Marjorie is a timeless choice.

5. Juliet

Inspired by the song “Love Story” from the “Fearless” album, Juliet is a romantic name that speaks of timeless love and passion. 

 6. Everly

Derived from the “Evermore” album, Everly is a modern, melodic name symbolizing eternity and everlasting love.

Let us know if you’re planning on taking some inspiration from Taylor Swift’s songs that we haven’t mentioned here.