This is how much sleep mums-to-be really get during pregnancy 9 months ago

This is how much sleep mums-to-be really get during pregnancy

Mums-to-be get an average of just five hours of sleep a night, according to research.

And more than half of mums surveyed said they were reduced to tears because of their lack of sleep - even before the baby arrived.

The study, commissioned by Happy Beds, found nine out of ten parents had  experienced disrupted sleep when they were expecting.

And one in five women said they had "extremely disrupted" sleep because of their pregnancy.

They attributed this to a range of factors - from morning sickness (at night) to their partner snoring; worrying about birth to the baby's movements.

Around six in 10 mum-to-bed said that they struggled to turn over when they wanted to, while slightly-less-than-half experience morning sickness at night.

Being unable to turn over when you want to was the top thing that kept mums-to-be awake, with experiencing heartburn following suit.

The baby moving was the third reason pregnant women said that they were unable to wait, while being too hot ranked fourth.

The baby kicking rounded out the top five reasons.

And 15 per cent of mums-to-be said that they were unable to sleep due to their partner snoring.

Joy Richards, sleep specialist at Happy Beds, told The Sun:

“It’s ironic that the time women need to sleep the most is a time when it’s often the hardest.

“Trouble sleeping is something almost every pregnant woman goes through, for all kinds of reasons, from physical discomfort to worries on the mind."