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22nd Jul 2023

This 60 second trick will get your toddler to go to bed with zero drama

Bedtime and toddlers just don’t go well together.

Trying to put your child to bed can feel like mission impossible at the best of times, but there is a way to get your toddler to actually listen and head to bed when you tell them it is time to do so.

We recently came across an adorable tip from the parenting experts over at Big Little Feelings and we simply had to give it a try.


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Et innlegg delt av Toddler Experts (@biglittlefeelings)

Have your toddler tuck their favourite toy in for the night downstairs (think: random blanket, washcloth, or towel) and have that be the transition to going upstairs for bedtime.

How does this work so well?

“Here, we are helping them learn to say goodbye and transition away from something really fun while still holding that bedtime boundary.”

Not only that but as the parenting pros point out, putting your little procrastinator “in charge” of tucking in their favourite toy or teddy, gives them just a little bit of control over the whole bedtime routine. And lord knows, toddlers thrive on control.

“This small piece shifts the toddler brain into collaboration mode, rather than power-struggle mode,” they add.