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12th Apr 2021

Baby struggling with nappy rash? Here are the causes and ways to prevent it

Ann Cronin

Brought to you by Caldesene

You might not think it, but the skin on your baby’s bottom requires extra care.

This is because nappy rash, while quite a common problem, can be a major source of discomfort for your baby.

Nappy rash is a form of skin inflammation that usually appears as redness around your baby’s bottom, particularly in skin folds or creases. It can range from small isolated red spots to larger, more tender patches of skin.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs on your baby’s bottom, you can rest assured that there’s a number of ways to treat the problem at home quickly and gently.

What causes nappy rash?

Leaving your baby in their nappy for too long after they’ve wet or soiled themselves is one of the most common causes. Lengthy exposure to urine or stool combined with friction from movement increases the likelihood of nappy rash occurring.

Bacterial or yeast infections are also a common cause of inflammation, particularly in between creases of your baby’s skin. A very tight nappy creates a breathing ground for these kinds of infections, as it can restrict air flow to the area and prevent your baby’s skin from being able to breathe. A tight nappy can also lead to uncomfortable chaffing or rubbing.

A change in your baby’s diet or the products you use on their skin can also lead to nappy rash. When starting your baby on solid foods, it may increase the frequency of stools which in turn can lead to nappy rash. Similarly, your baby’s skin can react to new ingredients when you switch up products such as baby wipes, nappies and baby lotions.

How do I treat nappy rash?

Caldesene Medicated Powder is the ideal treatment for nappy rash as it is specially formulated to tackle a number of causes of nappy rash. The powder acts as a barrier for wetness on the skin and, because it’s medicated, it also attacks any nasty bacteria that can cause infections.

To treat the inflammation, simply wash the affected area and pat it dry, or allow it to air dry. At every nappy change, sprinkle a layer of Caldesene Medicated Powder on the area before putting on a fresh nappy.

Caldesene eases irritation quickly and gently, and the glossy pink and teal packaging makes it easy to locate when in a hurry too. There are a couple different sizes to choose from, some with smaller packaging that’s more convenient for storing in changing bags and treating irritation on-the-go, as well as larger options for your nappy changing table.

How do I prevent nappy rash from reoccurring?

It’s not always possible to prevent nappy rash as even the most cared-for babies can develop it, but there are a few simple changes that can make reoccurrence a lot less likely.

  • Changing your baby’s nappy more frequently or as soon as it becomes wet or soiled is one of the best ways of preventing irritation.
  • After bath time, always ensure your baby’s skin is fully dry before putting on a new nappy or dressing them.
  • Use Caldesene baby powder during every nappy change to ensure the are is kept dry and bacteria free.
  • Let your baby’s bottom ‘breathe’, by allowing them to be nappy-free whenever possible. Simply put a large towel under your baby’s bum and let them to play and kick about without a nappy for a bit to ensure the area is getting air.
  • Avoid nappies and clothes that are too tight, restrictive or rub against your baby’s skin.

For over 45 years, parents have been trusting Caldesene, the leading nappy rash products in Irish pharmacies, to protect their baby’s delicate skin from nappy rash. For more information on nappy rash and the Caldesene range, visit the Caldesene website.

For topical use only. Cleanse and dry the affected area before applying. Always read the label. The active ingredient in Caldesene Medicated Powder is Calcium Undecylenate 10%w/w. 

Brought to you by Caldesene