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Baby's health

14th Mar 2022

Expert claims parents should stop lifting baby’s legs when changing their nappy

Kat O'Connor

It can reportedly cause gas, spine and hip problems.

An expert has warned parents about the mistake we’re making when changing baby’s nappy.

They claimed that lifting your baby’s legs when you’re changing their nappy is actually extremely harmful.

Speaking on TikTok, Courtney Corbin-Simon confirmed that doing this can cause gas, hip and spine problems.

The baby and toddler development specialist said the best thing to do is to roll your baby from side to side to help support their spine.

“Repeatedly lifting your babies’ legs during diaper changes stops the flow of information from the brain to intestines,” she warned.

“It puts the nerve roots that connects to the intestines out of place,” she explained.

“Rolling your baby during a diaper change will support their growing mind and body.”

Many people thanked her for the helpful advice.

However, others said lifting their legs briefly won’t cause damage.

We turned to the Irish experts at the HSE for advice.

The HSE says the best way to change your son or daughter’s diaper is as follows:

  1. Wash your hands before removing the nappy.
  2.  Gently lift your baby’s legs by holding their ankles. This allows you to clean underneath.
  3.  Clean the baby’s genitals and bottom with cotton wool and water or with an unscented wipe.
  4. For girls and boys, always wipe from front to back.
  5. For a baby boy, there is no need to retract the foreskin. Point his penis downwards before replacing the nappy.
  6. Let the area dry. There is no need to use powders.
  7. Slide a new, open nappy under your baby by gently lifting their legs at the ankles. The new nappy should be snug but not tight.
  8. Wash your hands after changing the nappy.

The HSE added, “Nappy changes are a chance to build a bond with your baby. Talk to your baby, explaining what you are doing, while singing and playing with them.”