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Baby's health

11th Mar 2024

Study finds parenting error can put babies at risk of suffocation

Kat O'Connor

These sleep habits can increase the risk of suffocation

A warning has been issued to parents after a study revealed that letting babies sleep in a bouncer, swing, or on a beanbag can risk suffocation.

The concerning report by The Lullaby Trust confirmed that many parents are unaware of the dangers these sleep habits pose.

The team at The Lullaby Trust found that 70% of parents allowed their infant to sleep in a bouncer.

It also discovered that 67% let them sleep in a swing and 61% allowed their baby to sleep on a beanbag.

The team later discovered that 8% of parents let their children sleep in these overnight, which can increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

Speaking about the results, Chief Executive of the Lullaby Trust, Jenny Ward said:

“Babies are safest sleeping on their back on a clear, flat, firm sleep surface, like a cot or Moses basket.

“This not only helps to reduce the risk of SIDS but also helps to keep a baby’s airway open and clear,” she said.

The majority of SIDS cases happen within the first six months of a baby’s life.

Jenny Ward stressed that parents should be aware of protecting their baby’s airway, especially during the night.

“If a baby falls asleep in an item that keeps them propped in a sitting position, like a swing or bouncer, it’s best to move them onto a clear, firm, flat surface to help keep their airway open.”

She stressed that even if your baby is awake, it’s so important to make sure their head isn’t tipped forward. You should also ensure their nose and mouth are not covered. You must ensure their airway is clear and protect their breathing.