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Early years

16th Jan 2024

How much sleep do you actually lose during your first year of being a mum?

We’ve all been told to say goodbye to sleep once we become parents

Imagine getting eight hours of sleep! Or having weekend lie-ins? Dream. On.

But do you know exactly how much sleep you lose as a new parent? More specifically; in your baby’s first year of life?

Get ready to feel tired, mamas. Very, very tired. According to Netmums, a new survey has just revealed that the amount of sleep a new parent loses in the 365 days following the birth of the baby is 970 hours.

That is nine hundred and seventy hours. 970. Which, to shock you even more, is the equivalent of 40 days.

Oh, and it gets better (or worse, really).

The survey also revealed that mums are worse off as they lose a whopping 23 more minutes of sleep every night compared to new dads.


We can all agree that becoming a parent is the best thing in the world, but the lack of sleep is the next level.

We still get on with everything and manage to function as humans so we should really pat ourselves on the back.

This parenting thing ain’t easy, but it sure is worth it.