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05th Sep 2023

Mum slated over the contents of her daughter’s lunch box

Packed lunches have become a massive topic of online debates in recent years, it doesn’t matter what’s in them, someone always finds an issue.

School lunches have gotten a lot more extreme in recent years, we’ve moved far away from the ham and cheese sandwich with an apple that many of us were used to.

Schools have now banned certain snacks, cracked down on what is allowed into lunch boxes, and in some instances, they’ve even sent home notes to parents to complain about their child’s lunches.

One woman has taken to social media to share her thoughts after being targeted by mum shamers for how she packs her daughter’s lunch.

23-year-old Lauryn Efird, best known as Mama June’s daughter Pumpkin, shares four children with her husband Josh, Ella, five, Bentley, three, and one-year-old twins, Stella and Sylus.

Sharing a snap of Ella’s lunch on her Instagram story, followers could see it was packed full of strawberries, frozen grapes, and what appears to be mozzarella sticks.

Many later took to Reddit to share their opinion of her food choice, with one writing: “Who the f**k gives their kids mozzarella sticks for lunch?”

Another claimed: “That’s too much cheese for a 5 yr old. Hell, it’s too much cheese for an adult really.”

One also added: “I’m more disturbed by the quantity here. It’s the fact that she’s being taught to eat like this.”

As many of us are aware, kids can be picky and packed lunches are their idea of a nightmare – trust me, I was this child.

It may be a case of Ella refusing to eat anything other than mozzarella sticks for lunch, that there were other aspects of the meal that weren’t posted, or even that this was a treat day for Ella and not all of her lunches looked like this – which would make sense if her mum was posting about it.

Her mum made her a lunch she likes and one she will actually eat, isn’t that more important?



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