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Early years

15th Sep 2019

This mum’s creative milestone pictures might be the cutest thing we have ever seen

Trine Jensen-Burke

milestone pictures

Too cute!

Taking snapshots every to month to try to document all the changes that happen in a baby’s first year is probably something most parents do.

Milestone cards have become immensly popular for this purpose, and while many opt for store-bought ones, other crafty parents come up with their own ideas for capturing milestone pictures of their growing babies.

None, though, have, as far as we are concerned, done it in quite as cute a way as Dani Leigh Giannandrea, a new mum and wedding and family photographer based in Maryland, US.

Giannandrea came up with this clever photoshoot idea after failing to complete her first child’s milestone cards.

“I had mum regret over not finishing [my first son] Charlie’s project, so when we named my second son Lorenzo, my own mum said we had to do something for his monthly milestones related to his Italian name,” she told TODAY.

And the result is a rather adorable one:

As a nod to her husband’s Italian heritage and her son’s Italian moniker (they call him “Enzo” for short), the fcreative mama decided to use pizza slices – from their favorite local pizzeria – as a fun way to mark her son’s age and size.

A bonus, of course, was the excuse this project proveided for having take-out pizza once a month.

However, keep in mind that using pizza wasn’t completely without a few complications, the photographer explains.

“There was pizza grease everywhere! This has been a labor of love but I’m so excited with how they turned out!”

Well, how could she not be? Pizza baby might just be the most adorable thing we have seen in a long time!