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Early years

31st Jan 2022

Parents are putting these signs on newborns and it’s for a very good reason

Melissa Carton

Parents are now putting little signs on their babies and they could be lifesaving.

What may seem like a snuffle or just a cold sore to us can be deadly to small babies, but many people don’t realise.

For parents it can be difficult to protect your baby from common ailments, especially when all anyone wants to do is cuddle and kiss your newborn.

Sometimes you don’t even get a chance to say ‘please don’t touch the baby’ as relatives rush to see your new bundle of joy.

That’s where these nifty signs can come in handy.

Created by Boutique lil Love, these signs come in a variety of styles with different slogans but the main message is always the same : please don’t touch the baby as you could make them ill.

Signs like these are even more important for babies that were born prematurely or babies with compromised immunities.

While during the pandemic we’ve all become more germ conscious, with restrictions now coming to an end we’re also becoming a little bit more lax.

Friends and relatives often don’t realise how fragile a baby’s immune system is.

To be honest I didn’t even know until I became a parent myself.

Even something as simple as a cold sore could land a baby or small child in hospital.

These signs are a fantastic and straightforward way to prevent your infant from picking up any type of common infection and avoid the worst from happening to your new baby.