Stroking your baby's head can make them feel physically better 2 months ago

Stroking your baby's head can make them feel physically better

Stroking your baby's head is good for them.

As parents, all we want to do our best to comfort our children.

A new study has discovered a simple way to calm our babies down and it's actually so sweet.

Researchers at the University of Oxford and Liverpool John Moores University confirmed that stroking your child's head helps ease their stress levels.

The team monitored the brain activity of 32 babies during routine blood tests.

50% of the participants were stroked on the head with a soft brush before the tests. This group then showed 40% less pain in their brain during the tests.

Speaking about the study, author Rebeccah Slater shared;

"Touch seems to have analgesic potential without the risk of side effects. There was evidence to suggest that C-tactile afferents can be activated in babies and that slow, gentle touch can evoke changes in brain activity in infants."

The study was published in Current Biology.


Researchers said this can help your children feel comfortable during doctor visits.

It can also calm them down at night time.

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