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Family fun

28th Sep 2023

Baboró: Have you ever wondered how your child sees you?

Anna Martin

Every parent has looked at their little one at a point and wondered what is going on inside their minds and now you might finally be able to get an idea.

This year’s Barboró International Arts Festival for Children is set to take place from Friday, October 13th to Sunday 22nd across Galway and promises to bring your kid’s imagination to life.

From interactive exhibits, performances and workshops, there is something for everyone even the biggest of kids will get a kick out of it.

If you have wondered how your child sees you, the ‘I See You Like This’ exhibition might unlock the answer to the question for you.

While kids are used to having the camera on them as we try to document each and every milestone, this time they will be the ones in charge.

Australian artist Jessica Wilson flips the camera around giving the children control while their significant adults become their subjects.

Jessica will lead the private session the week before the festival begins, inviting children aged 7 to 14 years to design and direct a creative photoshoot of their chosen adult, captured by photographer Julia Dunin.

The portraits created by your future photographer will be used in an exhibition. If you and your kid want to get involved in the project you can book an appointment with Jessica via

During the session, your child will be asked questions about how they see your personality and together with Jessica they can plan and craft their own photoshoot with plenty of unusual props to express how they see you.

It aims to be a fun experience where adults get to see what their child truly views them as, beyond being a guardian and the child will get to express themselves in a safe and supportive environment.

In the end, the portrait will be gifted to you on the last day of the festival.