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18th Jan 2017

10 Quotes To Get You Pumped For The Gym (Think Of Those Rock Hard Abs)

Amanda Cassidy

We all know that deciding to go back to the gym after a fitness drought is really freaking tough.

There is the fitness gear to buy, the right day to start and the last blow-out to pass.

When we eventually make it, there is the ‘weaning ourselves gently in’ day, the ‘I should really only do 10 minutes instead of the recommended 20 minutes’ day, and then you end up ditching the gym again for wine with the girls.

We hear you, ladies.

But those pudding cheeks are not going to shift themselves.

So in a bid to live more healthily in 2017, get fit and eat well – we have put together some inspirational quotes to help get your mind fit and exercise ready.

1. Bye Bye Muffin Rolls

2. Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow

3. It will be worth the pain – we promise!

4. Do this for you.

5. Quieten That Voice

6. No excuses!

7. Be the badass with a good ass

8. A woman with abs is a woman with willpower

What do you think ladies? Pumped up?