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20th Jun 2016

Ask An Expert: How to Get Ahead At Work (And Still Have Energy at Home)

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Ronan Kennedy is a Career Coach and Trainer. He works with people who are looking to discover their passion and find ways of achieving it, guiding and supporting them throughout the process.

“I like to focus on three things every day that I’ve done well and write them down, if possible. This helps me stay in a positive frame of mind and remind me of things that are going well. It’s easy to be concerned about challenges at work or what’s going badly but we also have to focus on what is going well.

I also like to journal about things that are on my mind to relieve stress and to stop ideas/thoughts flying around my head, especially at a time they’re not useful – like last thing at night! I have a blank notebook that I use, which is ideal for writing, mind maps, lists, drawings or any other type of scribbling.

I try to learn something new every day – even if that simply means skimming a blog online, reading a quote or discovering a new function of a software package.

It’s important to work hard while you’re at work and actively recover once you’re finished work. This doesn’t mean that you sit on the couch and watch TV (while still thinking about the office) – this means planning your social calendar so that you can properly disengage from work in the evenings and get a mental break. Activities that engage the body, mind (and spirit) are an excellent example of this (sport, music, books, meeting friends, shows etc.).

Just because you’re in work a long time – doesn’t mean you’re productive. Being productive at work means having a to-do list and also a not-to-do list. In other words, prioritise what you need to do and what is nice to do. Then, focus on getting results, not just on putting in the hours!”

Stuck in a rut? Here are some more career tips:

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