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17th Jan 2021

There is an online mindfulness course that will finally help you relax and be more present

Trine Jensen-Burke

online mindfulness course

Can we all agree the past 10 months have been HARD.

There has been worry and stress (homeschooling not exactly taking our stress levels down either, to be honest) and, for many, fear. We have been yanked away from normal routines, from our circle of friends, many even from family. We have had to turn our homes into both offices and classrooms. We have had to pause normal activities, both for ourselves and our kids. Many have lost their jobs. The news is nothing but grim stats. And no flying off to the sun to recharge, either. At this stage, sure even the local hotels within our 5k are closed.

These. Are. Crazy. Days.

So is it any wonder many of us are feeling drained these days. And with racing minds unable to just switch off when it’s time to sleep.

If this sounds like you too, you are going to want to know about the new at-home virtual mindfulness experience designed to help you heal from all this trauma and to increase your sense of wellbeing.

Usually, meditation coach Ann Ward of Xhale would welcome visitors to County Armagh for immersive mediation and forest bathing trips. But not being able to do that at the moment, Ward is offering an at-home experience for participants, and we think it sounds all sorts of perfect for all of us right now.

The six-week online course begins on Monday, January 25 (7.30pm-9pm) is set to reveal the techniques needed to develop mindfulness using your natural resources of the breath, body and senses.

According to Ward, this Winter Wellness programme aims to support your mental health and help build your resilience during these challenging times.

Xhale is based within the ancient landscape of County Armagh’s Slieve Gullion where Ann normally offers immersive, mindfulness experiences, courses and retreats using the gifts of meditation and nature.

Ann has now successfully tailored the experiences for a virtual audience. Throughout the duration of the course, you will: learn about the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of meditation; explore a range of mindfulness techniques; be able to use mindfulness to support sustained positive improvements to your holistic health and well-being.

You will also practice mindful breathing, reflection, walking, eating, drinking and cooking. For your homework each week you will be asked to practice a daily activity mindfully. You will be encouraged to keep a personal journal to record any insights on your mindfulness journey. The course will include a practical toolkit to help you sustain your practice.

The weekly course, which is hosted by Ring of Gullion AONB and Xhale, begins on Monday, January 25 at 7.30pm and concludes on Monday, March 1.

For ticket details visit and search Mindfulness for Winter Wellness.

For more information on mindfulness activities and places to visit when government guidance permits travel again, visit – Northern Ireland’s giant welcome will be here for you when the time is right.