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30th Dec 2022

Irish public urged to stay at home if they’re unwell this weekend

Kat O'Connor

The Irish public has been warned to stay home this weekend if they’re unwell.

Both Covid and flu cases have risen dramatically over the Christmas break, putting Ireland’s healthcare service under severe pressure.

Ahead of a weekend of celebrating, the public has been advised to isolate if they’re displaying flu-like symptoms.

DCU’s Professor of Health, Anthony Staines has asked people not to go out if they’re unwell.

He told;

“If you have symptoms, don’t go out. You’ve got flu, you’ve got RSV, and you’ve got Covid going around right now in substantial numbers. You might be Covid-negative but you have flu.”

“We’re likely to see all these viruses cocirculating for the indefinite future and our health service is manifestly not coping. If you are not feeling well, why would you go out and spread whatever it is you’ve got, be it flu, Covid or RSV?”

Cases are rising rapidly because people are not isolating, he shared.

Hospitals have seen a concerning increase in Covid and flu admissions in recent days.

Over 1,100 influenza cases were detected from December 17th to 24th. That figure is expected to rise due to an increase in socialising over the Christmas holidays.

RSV and flu cases are also rising in children.

Navan GP Marie Scully tweeted;

“On duty last night in OOH. 95% of patients had respiratory symptoms. Most were still mixing with other people, without masks. It’s like the lessons learned during Covid have been completely forgotten. And not one child had had flu vaccine.”

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