Doctor issues warning to parents after rise in bronchiolitis cases 4 months ago

Doctor issues warning to parents after rise in bronchiolitis cases

Bronchiolitis cases are rising.

Bronchiolitis cases are rising rapidly in Ireland. The chest infection is incredibly common in babies and young children during this time of the year, but one Irish doctor says the illness is "back with a bang".

Dr. Niamh Lynch said bronchiolitis affects children under 2 mostly.

She tweeted;

"Bronchiolitis rarely gets the attention it deserves, even though it leads to multiple pediatric ICU admissions every year."

She also shared advice with parents about dealing with the illness.

Dr. Lynch also stressed that if you're ever concerned about a sick child then seek medical attention immediately.

Bronchiolitis tends to start with cold-like symptoms including a blocked/runny nose, a mild fever, and a slight cough.


However, over time the symptoms will worsen. Children may experience a dry and persistent cough, rapid breathing and wheezing, and feeling irritable.

They may also feed less, have fewer wet nappies, vomit after feeding and have a mild fever.

Bronchiolitis is caused by the Respiratory Syncytial Virus. Most children with RSV tend to recover within two or three weeks without treatment. But some may require medical attention.

The HSE stressed that antibiotics will not help with the virus.

It added, "Sometimes it can be more serious and children with bronchiolitis will need to be cared for in hospital."

Babies under 6 months old and children under 2 suffer from bronchiolitis the most.

You can read more advice here.