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20th May 2016

This Amazing Plate Soaks Up Excess Calories From Your Food

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Do you painstakingly blot your bacon and pizza with kitchen paper to soak up excess grease? Now there’s a plate that promises to do this annoying job for you… simultaneously removing up to 1.5 teaspoons of oil (roughly 30 calories) from every plate of food you consume. 

Thirty calories per plate may not sound like much, but to put it in perspective, it’s the equivalent of a 20 minute stroll in the park or a five minutes on a treadmill.

Plus, when you add up all those meals (three per day, at least, plus the odd naughty takeaway) it could work out at a saving of 450 calories over five days and every little helps.


As any cook or takeaway fan knows, Thai food is utterly delicious but many dishes are laden with calorific coconut milk and oil. In fact, the local cuisine has led to Thai people having the second highest obesity rate in south east Asia. The 500 perforations in the AbsorbPlate separates excess oil from food before it’s eaten

The design, a collaboration between the advertising agency BBDO Bangkok and the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, is still in concept stage, but if it came to market we think it could be a winner.

Watch a short video about how it works here: