Three magical reads and oracle cards to dive into on the run up to Halloween 11 months ago

Three magical reads and oracle cards to dive into on the run up to Halloween

Looking for some new October reads?

Halloween is a time associated with magic and witchcraft so what better time to get back in touch with your spiritual self?

If you've been thinking about finding something fittingly bewitching to read or want to explore the world of tarot this month then why not give one of these three a try. Three is the magical wiccan number after all.

A Spellbook for the Seasons by Tudorbeth, shows readers how to harness the power of the natural world.

The book helps to bring prosperity, romance, fulfilment, creativity, love, happiness, ambition and opportunity into our lives and homes

From smudging with sage to cleanse your home in the spring, to midsummer rituals to inspire creativity, to protection spells in autumn and winter healing blessings.

There are spells for every season, all gathered together here to celebrate our magical connection with the natural world.



This remarkable tarot emerges directly from the mystical realms of dream and vision, manifesting completely fresh imagery.

The stunning deck and accompanying guidebook invite you to discover the wisdom and truth that lie beyond the limited view of waking reality, and to draw upon the power of your unconscious – the insight of your psyche – to meet life’s challenges and achieve your goals.

Unique and empowering, each card presents a dreamscape rich in imagery, ready to communicate with us, ready to open up a dialogue in order to guide and nurture the path to self-understanding and fulfillment.

The Mystical Dream Tarot is not just another Tarot divination deck. It is an exploration into our personal psyche.

Develop your hidden intuitive skills and discover Wiccan wisdom with this beautifully illustrated divinatory deck and guidebook pack.

Featuring key Wiccan symbols and archetypes, the cards help you connect to a place of deep inner knowledge to find the answers you seek.

Each card represents a quality of energy and carries its own particular meaning in a reading, while ‘high notes and low notes’ offer insight into the possibilities and pitfalls you’re likely to encounter on your present course.

Including fascinating background on the history of Wicca and its festivals through the year, along with a selection of card spreads to address all types of enquiry, The Witches’ Oracle will help you develop your intuitive skills and weave magic into your life as you set out on your quest for guidance.