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26th Nov 2021

Trying to conceive? Here are some top fertility tips

Sarah Gill


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No matter what stage you’re at on your journey, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of fertility…

The road to making a healthy baby is filled with many twists and turns, and is a very different journey for everyone. Just over one third of couples will conceive in the first month of trying for a baby, while for others it can be a much longer road.

If you’re a trying for a baby, there’s lots you can do in advance to prepare your body. Improving nutrition and lifestyle, taking a supplement and adapting healthier lifestyle choices for as little as three months before trying to conceive can have an impact for both men and women.

Here’s some advice from Proceive® to help anyone who is thinking about getting pregnant and are a bit confused as to where to start. Proceive® Conception is a specifically formulated range of conception supplements for men and women, developed by fertility experts using clinical science supporting its impact on fertility parameters.

Folic Acid is your new best friend!

Folic Acid plays a key role in fertility, pregnancy and the health of the baby. Reducing the risk of neural tube defects while helping to form the spinal cord before you may even know you’re pregnant, it’s recommended that you start taking Folic Acid three months ahead of conception in order to give it time to build up in your body. Since food sources don’t contain enough of the nutrient, opting for supplementation is the best way to go and Proceive® contains the recommended 400ug of folic acid in the L-Methylfolate form for increased absorption!

Enjoy a healthier lifestyle

Certain nutrients play an important role in the reproductive system. For women, they support the development of the egg, womb and the hormonal system, while for men, they support the development of good quality sperm cells. Cutting out junk food and doing your best to maintain a healthy diet are excellent starting points, but eating a well-balanced diet full of fresh fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, lean meats and fish will give your body the nutrition it needs. It’s also advised to stop or reduce your alcohol intake and engage in plenty of exercise to maintain that healthy lifestyle!

Start your breakup with cigarettes early

It’s a well-known fact that smoking can have a significant effect on the fertility of both men and women. Chemicals in cigarette smoke can speed up the loss rate of eggs, damages the genetic material in both eggs and sperm and decreased sperm quality and motility. Giving up the habit can be hard, but these proven risks serve as stark reminders to stop smoking stat.

Don’t forget about male fertility

The role of the male in conception is sometimes understated, but very important. It is estimated that male ferity issues account for 33% of all infertility. New sperm is created approximately every 74 days, which means positive adjustments to diet and lifestyle can improve sperm quality and quantity in as little as 3 months! The same factors that affect female fertility also have an impact on male fertility. Dietary and lifestyle elements contribute to reduced sperm quality and quantity, whether it’s your first or fifth baby. Plus, making changes as a couple makes it all the easier.

Take a preconception supplement like Proceive®

Reproduction is an incredibly energy intensive process, so as well as a healthy diet, good sleep and regular exercise, fertility supplements like Proceive® can be a great way boost all the nutritional needs of your reproductive system.
An award-winning, specially formulated range of fertility and preconception nutritional supplements for men and women, Proceive® tailor their products based on the varied needs of their customers.

Proceive® Women contains 28 vitamins, minerals and amino acids tailored for women who are preparing for conception and trying for a baby. It contains vital ingredients including the recommended 400μg Folic Acid in the natural L-Methylfolate form for improved absorption, Zinc and Vitamin D. Proceive® Women is recommended for women under 35 years who are trying to conceive.

For couples over the age of 35 (for women) and 40 (for men), or who have been trying to conceive for a year or more, Proceive® Max is recommended. This product contains more nutrients (33 vs 28) at a much higher level than their capsules. The clinical research has shown that those that have been trying for a little while benefit from the higher strength formula and the extra ingredients.

Proceive® provides pure, active nutrition at the optimal strength with no fillers, binders or preservatives. Proceive® is a specifically formulated range of fertility supplements for men and women scientifically proven to support the nutritional needs at each stage of conception and pregnancy. To find out more, visit the Proceive® website today.


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