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21st Mar 2023

Woman removes own IUD after waiting too long for an appointment

Ellen Fitzpatrick

“Honestly, I feel better, I feel cleansed.”

As of now, we all know the struggle to get a GP visit but one woman took matters a step further and decided to carry out a procedure herself.

A woman in the US was waiting on a doctor’s appointment to remove her IUD contraception, or the contraceptive coil as it is known in Ireland, as she wanted to start trying for another baby, but couldn’t get one.

Taking matters into her own hands, Ashley Hartig decided enough was enough and took out the contraceptive on her own.

While she admitted she doesn’t encourage others to do this, Ashley said that the whole thing made her feel “empowered” and she was surprised at how “easily” it came out.

Revealing what she had done, Ashley took to her TikTok account @thehartigfamily, which she shares with her husband Derek, to explain how she did it.

She said: “I just removed my own IUD and I don’t want to have any judgement.

“I feel empowered, I felt comfortable with my body. I used to not feel that way at all either but it took a lot of courage.

“Honestly, I feel better, I feel cleansed.

@thehartigfamily IM IN SHOCK STILL? who am i?! #birthcontrolproblems #iudcheck #youtubechannel #iudinsertion ♬ original sound – Ashley & Derek Hartig

“I was scrolling TikTok for hours trying to find other women who had done who weren’t doctors, or weren’t told by their doctors.

“I actually had an appointment scheduled and bam, it came right out. So easy, it did not hurt. I’m not recommending it, I’m just saying.”

It is not recommended to remove this at home

According to, there are various reasons it is a bad idea to do this procedure at home. While some people find it easier, and cheaper, to do on their own – it can come with complications.

In some cases, it might not all come out in one piece and parts can be left in the uterus. While it is rare, it has happened and a healthcare provider will be needed to extract the remaining piece.

The other complication that may occur is bleeding. If there is a tear while doing this at home, it will need immediate medical attention. There is also the risk that the IUD can become lodged in the cervix, causing extreme pain.

How much does the procedure cost in Ireland?

For anyone aged between 17 and 26 years old, contraception is free. This means that if you fall into that age bracket, it will cost nothing to have this procedure done or removed.

For anyone who doesn’t fit this age range, it can cost €100 for the consultation and follow up appointment.

The insertion itself is €195 for either the hormonal or copper coil. A re-fit is €255 while a removal costs €60. Each of these prices will differ if you are a medical card holder.

The good news is is that the coil lasts for five years, so while these costs may seem like a lot, it’s not often that you need to pay them if you have this.

From September 1st, 2023, free contraception will be expanded to include those between the ages of 27 and 30 years old.

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