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06th May 2020

Tom Ford’s new collection changes the way you think about lipstick, and our minds are honestly blown


This is genius!

Are you a lipstick hoarder like me?

In make-up bags, display cases and drawers in my bedroom you will find more tubes of lipstick than I care to count. There’s blush pinks and nudes for daytime, statement pinks, purples and a not-quite-black for going out-out and berries for every other occasion.

And, of course, there are the reds. In the eternal search for the perfect red, I’ve bought every shade of cherry, scarlet and crimson that I could get my hands on. Warm tones, cold tones, orange tones, blue tones… I have the lot.

Despite owning about 30 different lipsticks (at a conservative estimate, glosses not included), if I’m honest I really only ever wear two of them. They’re the shades that I turn to again and again – the ones that I invariably end up wearing after I have tried on and wiped off at least three other options.

Even when I want to look and feel different, I end up going back to those two lipsticks because they work best with my skin tone. I suspect that most of us do the exact same, which is why the new Most Wanted collection from Tom Ford, which was launched this week, is, well, bloody brilliant.

The range features five of Tom Ford’s most popular shades – Scarlet Rouge Impassioned, True Coral, Wild Ginger and Velvet Cherry – reproduced in the same shade but in different textures. So when you want to create a different look, instead of swapping your lip colour you can just change up the texture.

No messing around with new shades that might not suit, you can just use a variation of the one you already love. Simple!

There are four options to choose from: colour cream, matte, satin matte and metallic.  Each of the formulas is infused with extracts such as soja seed and murumuru butter to nourish the lips and prolong the colour. The colour cream and satin matte are perfect for daywear, and the matte and metallic are great glam options. In fact, the pearlised metallic comes in a slightly smaller tube size that’s made for a clutch bag.

The three full-sized lipsticks are priced at €49 each, while the smaller metallic choice comes in at €35. The collection is available now from Brown Thomas.