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20th Jul 2022

A courier let himself into my house…am I right to be annoyed about it?

Melissa Carton

Would you be annoyed if this happened to you?

With back to school only a few weeks away many of us have been receiving daily deliveries.

While some of us may have had runs ins with delivery services that don’t bother knocking and instead just give us the ‘you weren’t here’ slip or toss our package in the green bin, one mum had a very different problem.

A concerned mother recently posting in parenting forum Mums Ireland, that she was shocked when a courier let himself into her house without her permission.

She went on to ask if things like this have happened to anyone else;

“A courier making a delivery yesterday rang our doorbell. I was upstairs, so started to come down to answer the door. I was about half way down stairs when he Opened Our Front Door!!!!

I got to him before he could step in and I didn’t even say anything, I was so shocked. This happened anyone else??”

Several in the comments were shocked and said that they would also be very annoyed if this had happened to them;

“Omg I would have a heart attack if a delivery guy opened my hall door. Fine if that was our arrangement, but god no way, my parcels are left over the back gate or behind the bin…..”

Others however thought that the mum was over reacting and that the delivery person was actually being considerate by dropping in in her hall;

“This is completely fine – door was unlocked, he was actually doing you a solid.”

The main advice from all sides though seemed to be to keep all doors locked;

“Acceptable to me and very welcome compared to some delivery experiences I’ve had. I’m sure it gave you a fright and a good reminder to keep your door locked, especially this time of year.”

What do you think? Would you be ok with a courier letting themselves into your house or do you feel it crosses the line?


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