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04th Nov 2023

‘My daughter is being bullied but she doesn’t want me to get involved – how can I help her?’

Sophie Collins


A woman has asked the internet for help after she discovered her daughter is being bullied in school.

She said she knows the mother of one of the bullies, but her kid has begged her not to get involved.

Her daughter has even asked that the school aren’t made aware of the issues for fear that the teasing will escalate.

The desperate mum says she feels ‘at a loss’ and doesn’t know what to do at this point but she is ‘worried about her safety’ now.

Explaining the situation on a Reddit parenting forum, the woman wrote: “My daughter since starting high school has been being bullied by a group of kids. Last year it all started with them taking pictures of her outfits or her and posting it to there snapchat making fun.

“It wasn’t until someone finally told her hey they are posting pictures of you on their stories. It died off towards the end of the year and over the summer.

“So we assumed it was over, until recently a photo of my daughter and the other person was pointing at her during an assembly circulated through a private story on snapchat. It was screen-shotted and sent to her which immediatley frustrated her.”

She went on to say that her child felt threatened and was upset so she brought her home.

“After discussing it with her I realised one of the group members mom I know. I worked with this persons mom for years and we are still close. My daughter doesn’t want me to say anything but i feel like its my job to stand up for her when she mentally can not.

“She has begged me not to talk to the school in fear that these kids will become more escalated. I’m at a loss, I’m worried for her safety outside or school more than anything. This group bullies other students but they feed off of my daughters reactions.”

Lots of parents responded to the post with their advice and many echoed the same tune; she should teach her daughter not to be afraid to go to authority figures when something is wrong.

One mum wrote: “You need to show your daughter that going to the authorities is the way to respond. Fight back. Speak up, never hold your peace. Fight hard. Go to the parents personally.

“She NEEDS this skill for future romantic relationships. Give ’em hell. Make them more miserable than she is.”

Another added: “From what you’ve said I doubt it’s only your daughter thats being shared but even so just giving the school a heads up that a group of kids is doing something like this might help without any repercussions for your daughter.”

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