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30th Dec 2021

New year, new skills: 5 ways to create the PERFECT poached egg

Tricky... we know.

Niamh Maher

It’s not ALL about the whirlpool.

The poached egg… it’s a terrifyingly tricky way to cook eggs and by far the healthiest. Everyone seems to have their own particular way to poach an egg and people seem to get pretty riled up about it and quite frankly we’re sick of it!

We’ve decided to call a halt to the poachy pandemonium and compile the top 5 ways to poach an egg for those of you hoping to master the art of it in 2022.

Disclaimer – this is backed up by absolutely no chef it’s merely the way we like to cook our eggs… so don’t be angry.

The Poacher – I know, SELL OUT we hear you holler, but our own Laura Holland swears by this. You can get them at the likes of Littlewoods, Brown Thomas, Home Store and More and so on. Laura says the only problem with poachers is they can be a little tough to clean, other than that they are consistent in delivering really well formed poachies (although we have no photographic evidence of Laura’s poached eggs, we’ll take her word for it… but perhaps we need a poach off).



The Saucepan Vinegar Trick –  Now, being perfectly honest I use a wok for this, as I believe the egg breathes better in a deeper space (I’m a little crazy) but the way in which they’re made is pretty much the same. Bring some water to the boil in a saucepan (or wok) add in a couple of drops of vinegar, stir the water to get some momentum creating a mini-whirlpool crack the eggs in and wait. The standard wait is around 3 minutes, but it’s a personal preference.



The Clingfilm Trick – This is a bit finicky but when it works it’s GOLDEN. Using a small bowl or cup you simply place the cling film inside the cup or bowl, crack an egg into it then close it up by twisting and tying the cling film, bring a saucepan to the boil drop the egg in clingfilm into the pan for how ever long you like, usually no more than 3 minutes, then lift it out, cut the top off with a scissors et voilà! A pretty perfect poached egg every time.


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The Microwave Trick – Fill 1/2  cup with water and crack an egg into it, make sure the egg is submerged in water, add a pinch of salt if you’d like, cover the cup with a small saucer and place in the microwave. Heat the egg, on high, for 1 minute and there you have it. Covering the cup is an important factor here, but you have to keep an eye on this one, likeliness to go splat is high, as this Instagram user found out. When done correctly they are a treat.



The Poached Bag Trick – Yes… poaching bags are a thing, you can get them on amazon and they’re pretty nifty, it’s essentially like the clingfilm trick, you’re wrapping up the eggs and putting them in the saucepan but with less mess and a hell of a lot easier to get out once the eggs are poached.



Remember folks… the fresher the eggs the better the poach. When you’re buying your eggs reach right into the back as they always pack the freshest on the shelves first.

And finally… here’s one we made earlier… in a WOK.