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30th Jan 2024

Here’s how you can sneak the crust into your child’s diet and avoid food waste

Jody Coffey


A simple but effective way to avoid waste!

For various reasons – rational or not – some children point blank refuse to eat bread unless the crust has been cut off.

While it’s not a big deal, tossing the crust into the bin can feel like a waste.

One parent has shared a solution to this by creating a delicious snack made off all those crusts your child claims they could never eat.

In a now-viral clip shared to the TikTok account @foodmadesimple, the user admitted their children are unknowingly eating all of their crusts.

“The kids tell me they hate the crusts but little do they know they usually end up eating the same crusts I have cut off their sandwiches later that day,” the dad explains.

In the video, he, like all parents of crust-haters, is cutting the edges away from ham and cheese sandwhiches.

Instead of binning the crusts, he rolls up each crust into a wheel shape and adds them to a muffin tray, squashes them down with a glass, and coats them in garlic butter and cheese.

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While this dad bakes these snacks into cheesy garlic bites, the ingredients can be altered to suit your child’s dietary requirements or preferences.

Parents and crust cutters all applauded the food hack, particularly for cutting down on waste.

“What a great idea! I’m going to make these for my kids lunch box thank you,” one wrote.

“Great idea, I have fussy no crust eaters,” another added.

“So doing this, I’m having to cut off crust every day,” a third added.

“Oh my god this dude living in the year 3000,” one user joked.

Worst comes to worst, if your child decides they don’t like these snacks, there’s more for you and you’re still limiting food waste!