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05th Jan 2024

Dietician shares reassuring message for parents of kids who are in a ‘chicken nugget phase’

“There are much worse things that chicken nuggets”

It’s probably a source of worry if your child is addicted to chicken nuggets and, point blank, refuses to eat much else.

A dietician has quietened this concern felt by many parents, as she has actually advised there are a host of benefits to your child being in their ‘chicken nugget phase’ and reassures them it is something they will grow out of.

In the meantime, Dr. Kacie Barnes, a dietician who specialises in toddler and kids’ nutrition, says parents of chicken nugget lovers can rest easy knowing that as long as their kids are fed, they’re doing a great job.

The conversation started when one worried parent asked the dietician: “My kid lives on chicken nuggets. Is that OK?”

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Dr. Barnes then replied and said there are actually positives to this diet, admitting that her own son went through the same phase.

While it’s not the ideal diet, it’s not something to panic about.

“I’m a dietitian and it was the only meat my son ate for three years. People who don’t have picky eaters don’t understand how hard it can be for some children to expand their diet. The chicken nugget phase won’t last forever,” she wrote.

Adding to the reassurance, the dietician provided a list of extremely comforting reasons why a ‘chicken nuggets phase’ doesn’t have to be a cause of concern.

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“There are much worse things than chicken nuggets, in my opinion. I love nuggets because they’re an introduction to chicken that most kids will eat… they are on almost every kids menu, which means I could go out to meals with my family and know that my pickiest eater would have something to eat…

“They’re what got my anxious kid to try buying lunch at the cafeteria for the first time… they’re incredibly easy for any adult to prepare.”

And most importantly, the only thing that really matters: “They fill kids’ bellies.”

While seeing your child eat all of their vegetables is the dream outcome, at least until then, you can relax knowing that a plate of nuggets isn’t the worst thing for them.


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