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24th Mar 2016

Healthy AND Tasty, Purple Bread Could Be The Next Big Thing!

Move over Cloud Bread, Purple Bread could be the next big thing!

A food scientist at the National University of Singapore has reportedly created a type of bread that is digested 20 per cent slower (which keeps you feeling fuller for longer).

Professor Zhou Weibiao created Purple Bread as an alternative to white bread – which we all know tastes delicious but isn’t particularly good for you.

Not only is his bread digested a lot slower than white bread but it is also made of natural compounds and is rich in antioxidants, according to CNN.


“The challenge was to see if we could change the formula of bread, without changing the smooth texture of white bread that people really love,” Zhou told the media outlet.

“If you want to enjoy the texture of white bread and slow down digestion, this is probably the best formula…And the colour isn’t bad, either.”

He apparently extracted anthocyanins from black rice which turns the bread purple and is responsible for the slower digestion rate.

Anthocyanins are also said to combat cancer, prevent heart disease and help control obesity as well as diabetes.

It must be noted that the nutritional value of Purple Bread is the same, so you would be eating a similar amount of calories, however you would use these calories over a longer period of time.

As yet, the public cannot get their hands on the product but CNN reports that Zhou has been approached by food manufacturers with a view to bringing it to market.

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