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08th Apr 2016

Sex or Snacks… Which One Do You Think The Majority of Women Would Give Up?


It’s an age-old question: would you rather give up sex or food?

Well, a survey by Optiwell has found out which one the majority of women would sacrifice.

The results showed that just 4 in 10 women would rather give up getting lucky than tucking into some delicious treats.

In other words, the female population would prefer to jump under the sheets instead of having a binge on the sofa.


The study also revealed that a third of adults believe that work colleagues are to blame for their unhealthy food choices during office hours.

We couldn’t agree more with that one but recently we sat down with a nutritional therapist who told us the secret to picking good snacks.

Elsa Jones said that it’s all about having healthy options close at hand. If you have chocolate or biscuits nearby, you’ll go for those but if you have a piece of fruit or yoghurt, you’ll go for those.