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09th Aug 2017

YES! Lidl has an affordable NutriBullet-style mixer landing on Thursday

We'll be oh-so healthy.

Eating healthily and juggling the demands of a family is never easy.

You’re wrecked and just don’t always have the time to look after yourself as well as everyone else.

Which is why a couple of the affordable kitchen gadgets landing in Lidl tomorrow really caught our eye.

First up is the NutriBullet-style mixer for just €50. It has 900W of power and comes with cups and lids. Lidl also states that it is “vitamin preserving” – meaning it retains a lot of vitamins and minerals from the whizzed up fruit and veg.

If that’s not your thing, we like the spiral vegetable cutter set for just €3. In fact, we find at HerFamily that spiralizing veg up is a handy way to get the kids to actually eat it.

Otherwise, the supermarket has four different types of kitchen knife for €3 each and a load of lunch boxes and storage containers for €3 per set.