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22nd May 2019

Woman sparks online conversation over how much toilet roll you should use in a week

How much do you use?

Denise Curtin

Do you live in a shared house?

Do you find you’re constantly replacing the toilet roll?

Do you know exactly how much you go through?

How much toilet roll is too much toilet roll to be using?

Because one woman has caused a debate online after admitting that her household of three women goes through nine rolls a week.

The woman in question, unsure if her household is using excessive roll, asked the users of Netmums to chime in and give their thoughts, which they did.

“We have two adults and two children and we use two to three toilet rolls max a week. We’d probably use a lot less if the kids didn’t use half a bog roll every time they had a poop,” one user wrote.

While another agreed saying:

“There are two adults in my house. A pack of nine would last a month, honestly.”

The comments continued with people adding in that toilet roll shortage seems to be a constant issue among shared flats and houses. The debate led people to question how much toilet roll should one person honestly be using per week? Is it something you can monitor or does it depend on your bowels that week?

Unfortunetly we’re not all this happy when it comes to replishing the stocks.

As funny as it sounds, toilet roll isn’t the cheapest item in the shop and so, we can see how this could cause annoyance if you’re buying it each week.

“I can walk in the bathroom and there’ll be half a roll then the next time you go it’s gone. I buy a pack of six on a Monday come Friday/Saturday, I’m buying more,” added another.

What are your thoughts? Do you share a house and suffer the same toilet roll issue?