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18th Jun 2021

Study finds 1 in 3 house guests snoop through your home when visiting

Melissa Carton

That’s a little rude.

I’m not going to lie there are some people I dread coming over to my house. Even if the place is immaculate they will still have something to say about the cups being mismatched and the towels not being soft enough.

You know the type, we’ve all come across one of two or heaven forbid even more than two.

It seems that these less than friendly folk are not a rare breed and that more people than we think are actually nosing around our homes and judging us.

Bathroom suppliers, Sanctuary Bathrooms, recently surveyed people in different UK cities to see who are the worst house guests.

Overwhelmingly London took the top spot as most judgmental city with 84 per cent saying they judge people on the look of their homes, and 49 per cent confessing to a secret snoop around their house.

Note to self don’t invite anyone over from London.

The most popular places for people to snoop in other people’s houses were bathroom cabinets and people’s fridges.


Even more shocking than finding out your friends have been snooping in your presses 44 per cent of those surveyed even admitted to having Googled the price of people’s homes they have visited.

Excuse me, what?

Another 61 per cent said that they would judge someone on their cleanliness while also having the double standard of judging people for being too clean as well.

We can’t win.

Honestly reading these results makes me want to batten down the hatches or not let anyone in the house ever again.

Saying that it probably won’t stop people from judging my front door and garden, and they can still Google the price of the house.