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15th Jan 2022

Love a bath, have no bathtub? These inflatable, full-sized tubs will fit anywhere

Trine Jensen-Burke

Tubble inflatable bathtub

Can we all agree that when it comes to self-care, very few things can measure up to a long, hot bath…?

Add some bath salts – or maybe bubbles, a few candles, a book, a loofah – and man, we are in heaven. It is the perfect way to end a cold winter’s day if you ask me.

The problem? Not all of us live in homes that have bathtubs.

As more and more are either embracing apartment living or are in an apartment as they simply cannot afford a house right now, the reality is that more and more of us are having to learn to live on less space. And that often means that one thing that gives is a bathtub.

But guys – the future is here.

A Dutch company is now making affordable inflatable bathtubs – complete with cupholders and headrests – and they are shipping worldwide.

Say hello to Tubble – the inflatable bathtub.

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Et innlegg delt av TUBBLE (@letstubble)

In just over a minute, this tub inflates to full size – meaning you can climb in and enjoy a relaxing soak anytime, anywhere.

According to founder, Arnoud Kuipers, Tubble started with a practical question: How can you occasionally enjoy a hot bath in a small house without a tub?

“I’m not really a bath person, but sometimes I like to have a bath,” Kuipers told

And hence the practical nature of this inflatable tub – which can be stores under your bed, in your hot press or garage – or anywhere, really – until you fancy a bath and pull it out.

The Tubble comes in two sizes, Royale and Compact, and is available in four different shades – Onyx Black, Blue Lagoon, Ambient Taupe and Ocean Blue.

The inflatable bathtubs are portable, and can be easily set up anywhere and at any time. In fact, the Tubble can be inflated in just two minutes with the provided electric pump – meaning you will be able to enjoy relaxing moments in the bath in no time. Be it in your own bathroom, or even in your garden or on your balcony, because setting up Tubble outside is no problem at all. I mean; you can even take it with you on holiday.

All done bathing? Thanks to its ingenious drainage system and the provided drainage tube, the Tubble drains all the water quickly and evenly. Afterwards, you can easily store the bath until you are in the mood for another relaxing portable bath session.

As for comfort, with its flexible sides, soft sitting, and integrated headrest, users claim the Tubble is even more comfortable than ordinary baths.

They are also super-durable and safe, with the tubs being made of six layers of Virgin PVC and are 100 percent free of phthalates.

Use outside or with ice

At first, Kuipers explains that his market was mainly Northern Europe and Scandinavia, explaining that his customers liked the idea of a hot bath in the winter.

However, in more recent times, the founder says he is seeing more and more customers looking to use it outside in summer too – or even filled with ice to comfort and treat sore muscles from training or simple as a way to cool off in on hot summer days.

Se dette innlegget på Instagram

Et innlegg delt av TUBBLE (@letstubble)

And if the reviews are anything to go by, it seems we need to order our very own Tubble straight away:

“It would cost too much to put a tub in my bathroom which has a nicely finished tile shower,” one person wrote.

“Been looking for an inflatable that was long enough to lay in as much as possible. LOVE my Tubble. Will use it every day to ease muscle and joint pain (which is already better after two baths). May even set up on my garden patio occasionally for a relaxing outdoor experience.”

Another person said:

“Thanks to this gadget everyone can take a bath at home.”

And a third one gushed:

“It was actually better than I expected. I honestly think this is better than a regular tub. It’s softer, the water stays warmer for longer, and you can put it away. I’ve recommended it to all my friends.”