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10th Jul 2019

Maternity photos: 5 tips for making sure you get the images you want

Have you booked YOUR session yet, mama?

Trine Jensen-Burke

It has become increasingly popular for expectant mamas to get professional pictures taken to capture this oh-so-special time in their lives.

I did it when I was pregnant with both my babies, and looking at the pictures now, I am so glad I had them done. Because much as I have a ton of ‘bump selfies’ and other more or less blurry iPhone snaps of my growing bump on each of my pregnancies, being able to have these gorgeous, studio-captured ones on my wall, it’s an investement I know I’ll always treasure.

However, a session with a photographer doesn’t come cheap, and so to make sure you get pictures you are really happy with, it can be worth making sure you have done a little bit of planning beforehand.

(Image via Kendall Lauren Photography )

In fact, here are five tips for making sure you walk away with the most stunning snaps of you and your growing bump:

1. Time it right

This one is crucial, as you want to make sure you have a good, aul’ bump for the pictures, meaning don’t even consider it before you are at the very end of your second or ideally into your third trimester, mama.

But also, make sure you don’t schedule your picture session too close to your due date, as not only do many expectant mums feel heavy and uncomfortable towards the very end, but you are also more likely to feel nervous about going too far away from home – in case labour starts – or just be so consumed with either tiredness or nesting instinct you don’t want to leave the house.

2. Let the rest of the family in on it too

While you might be the one expecting, mama, adding to a growing family is a magical time for everyone involved, so make sure you get at least some snaps where your partner is in the picture too. And if you have older children, let them in take part too – getting a new sibling is such an exciting time in their life. And you, mama,  you are going to love having these pictures to look at in years to come.

(Image via Jenna Christina Photography)

3. Show off that gorgeous belly

Many of us would never consider showing skin – or, like many expectant mamas do, pose naked any other time in our life – but if it feels right – do it. You are going to love having these pictures of your growing belly, your changing body, to remind you of this magical time and how your family started.

And look – these are your pictures, so do what you have to do to feel the most comfortable and like your most gorgeous self. Get that blow-dry, have a spray-tan if that makes you feel better about taking your clothes off – these are your pictures, you are in charge.

4. Put on something that makes you feel beautiful

Think about it before you head in for your session – what is it that makes you feel the most stunning right now. Is it that clingy dress that shows off your bump to perfection? Or a t-short and fab pair of maternity jeans? Wear whatever you feel like, whatever makes you feel like the glowing, hot mama you are.

5. Have fun

This is a happy, glorious time in your life – let it show in these special pictures. If you feel weird being in a photo studio, how about booking a photographer to come to your house – and capture some relaxed, everyday moments in the place you feel most at home?

Hang pictures in the nursery, chill on the sofa with your husband, cook in the kitchen – laugh – and your photographer will capture moments you forever love showing off and looking back at.

(Image via Jenna Christina Photography)