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08th Mar 2019

3 totally GENIUS hacks that will transform your mascara game forever

Trine Jensen-Burke

3 GENIUS hacks that will transform your mascara game forever

When it comes to transforming your face from drowsy and bleary-eyed to all-out gorgeous, nothing – I mean nothing – is as effective as a lick of mascara. 

But applying mascara is not as simple as you would think, and if you are still not using these awesome lash-perfecting hacks for doing so, you might be missing out big time.

Here are three mascara tricks you will wish you knew about sooner:

1. How to get longer lashes

What you need: A handheld mirror and a tube of mascara.

What you do: Instead of starting at the base of your lashes, apply the first coat of mascara to the tips, running the wand through the top side of your lashes and coating the tips from above. Then look down into the mirror (to make sure you apply your next coat as close to the roots as possible) and wiggle your wand from base to tips as you normally would. 


2. How to get perfect bottom lashes

What you need: A plastic spoon and your mascara tube.

What you do: Place the spoon underneath your eye (rounded side facing out). Coat lower lashes with mascara using small, downward strokes. Add a second coat for extra drama and thickness.

3. How to get fuller-looking lashes

What you need: Powder brush and a thick mascara wand with tightly set bristles.

What you do: Brush your lashes with a powder brush to remove excess moisture. Hold your wand vertically to coat shorter lashes, and then turn your wand horizontally and wiggle when applying to add volume. Let mascara dry and then apply a second coat, repeating the same process as you have already done.

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