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10th Jul 2015

Adorable edible jewellery for style-conscious mamas with teething tikes

Sophie White

Small & Me was conceived (we will try to limit the puns, we promise) by former magazine editor turned jewellery designer, Natasha Sherling and former industrial designer turned mum and teacher, Kate Flynn.

The two have been friends since school and despite following divergent career paths the dynamic pair have always remained close with a shared passion for design and fashion.

With Kate (and many of the girls’ circle of friends) leaping into first-time parenthood, Sherling and Flynn noticed that with new responsibilities came new style needs.

“We both love fashion and agree it shouldn’t be a compromise when there is a baby close by­ and so with a shared dream of bringing innovative products to fun, stylish parents, Small & Me​ was born.”

Natasha Sherling, Jewellery Designer

The chewable jewellery is made from food­grade silicone (like baking spatulas and re­usable cupcake cases), and is perfect for soothing during the teething process.

The Child is a great one for chewing on my necklaces whether he’s teething or not and he is perfectly capable of swinging out of them in Tarzan fashion. To this end, the necklace clasps pop open easily with a gentle tug so the littlies can’t (lovingly) choke us to death, try as they may.

All the pieces can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water and are also dishwasher safe.

“Colourful and contemporary, the collection lends itself to multiple outfits and occasions (because we know being a mum doesn’t stop when dressed for work!): we love layering two necklaces at a time, or creating a bangle stack to add a bright (and practical) lift to everyday style.”


L-R:‘Mama liked the roses’ necklace, €35; ‘Dear mama’ bangle (top), €10; ‘Superwoman’ bangle (bottom), €18;  ; ‘Treat your mother right’ necklace, €30.