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08th Jun 2018

An easy hack to upgrade your home (that will cost you next to nothing)

Cathy Donohue

So easy and so effective.

In this Instagram age, where we’re bombarded by pictures of perfect kitchens and gorgeous bathrooms, it’s no wonder we all want an abode that wouldn’t look out of place at the Ideal Homes Exhibition.

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However, that’s not very realistic which is why we’ll take any interior tips and tricks we can get.

The latest information comes courtesy of interior architects Claire Price and Elaine Regan of House/EDIT and it’s all to do with artwork and how it can transform your home.

First up, you’ll want to use your art as a “focal point” and then you can create the rest of the look around it.

The artwork is your secondary colour and this can be complementary or the opposite of your wall/sofa colours, then you can pick up the contrasting/matching colours through accessories.

Secondly, the next tip is to play around with the scale of your various pieces of artwork, mixing smaller sketches and larger photographs/paintings.

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Thirdly, if you’re buying into the asymmetrical image trend, make sure you mock it up first as this can go very wrong.

Try it out on brown paper first and then you can change the layout until you have something you’re happy with…that Pinterest perfect gallery wall can be yours.