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03rd Mar 2018

These high heels will change into flats with the touch of a button

Very handy

Olivia Hayes

Well, these will come in handy.

For women who like to wear heels, there can be a major dilemma about what to do on a night out or on the way to work.

Suffer through the pain of wearing stilettos all night or lug around a pair of flats in your bag for the entire day?

In #firstworldprobs, it can be super annoying, and most of the time we either lose our flats or end up with cuts and bruises on our feet.

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However, this new start-up might save us all from blistered toes as it converts a high heel into a flat with only the touch of a button.

Yep, Runway Heels has designed a new shoe that will let the heel retract in just a matter of seconds.

Owner of the company, Melody Avecilla said: “As a commuter, working mom and a former flight attendant I saw the need for a more versatile shoe.”

To see how the shoes work, check out the video below: