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25th Apr 2019

Kate Middleton rewore this part of her bridal outfit last weekend



The Duchess of Cambridge is not one to wear an item once, even when it comes to her wedding day attire. Over the weekend while attending an Easter Sunday service at St George’s Chapel alongside The Queen, Prince William and Prince Harry, Kate wore an item that we recognised straight away.

In fact, Kate’s entire outfit was recycled (hat tip for the fashion sustainability), her Alexander McQueen suit was one she’s donned before but it was her earrings that we really focused in on. They were the earrings she wore on her wedding day.

The Robinson Pelham earrings are custom made and were given to Kate on her wedding day as a gift from her parents.

What’s even sweeter is the timing in which she chose to wear them.

As Kate and William celebrate their eight wedding anniversary in five days time, it’s clear that Kate is thinking back on her wedding day and potentially wore the earrings as a sign to mark almost nine years since she first put them on – too sweet.

Kate has reworn the earrings once since her wedding day and Sunday – in 2016 during the Order of the Garter ceremony.

Kate also shared photos she took of Prince Louis over the weekend to celebrate his first birthday. The duchess takes all her children’s portraits and you can see the latest one here.