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12th Apr 2020

The life-changing hair hack that will give you gorgeous curls in 5 minutes flat

Trine Jensen-Burke

There is nothing like a head full of bouncy, swishy curls to make your hair day go from bad to reality starlet in 1-2-3.

The thing is, though, it can be such a time-consuming task to painstakingly curl your whole hair, with the all section dividing and clipping and actual curling it entails. Sounds familiar?

Well, ladies, we got you. Introducing the genius ponytail trick.

As in; instead of curling your hair using the traditional (i.e. way too long) method, you can just do these four simple steps and get pretty curls in a snap.

Are you ready?

Step 1

Gather your hair into a very high ponytail, then secure it with a hair tie.

Step 2

For looser, fuller curls, split your hair into two to three sections, depending on your hair’s thickness (for tighter, smaller curls, create up to six smaller sections).

Step 3

Use a hair wand or curling iron to curl each section, wrapping it around the barrel, holding for a few seconds, then release.

Step 4

Take your hair out of the ponytail and gently tousle it with your fingers.

See?! Easy, peasy fabulous hair.

(Tip via Good Housekeeping)