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18th Feb 2019

The number one thing grooms want in a wedding dress has been revealed

This makes sense.

Anna O'Rourke

The number one thing grooms want in a wedding dress has been revealed

The moment a groom sees his bride on their wedding day is one of the most special and emotional parts of tying the knot.

Whether a couple opt for a private ‘first look’ moment or go the traditional route and see each other for the first time at the ceremony, every bride will be dying to see the look on her other half’s face.

Most women will have formed their own idea of what they’ll want to look like at that moment but many will be thinking about what will really wow their partner when choosing a dress.

Australian bridal brand Grace Loves Lace surveyed grooms to learn what men liked best in a wedding dress.

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As it turns out, the men’s biggest preference was for simple gowns.

After that, they said that a figure-hugging silhouette was a winner.

“Such a big part of choosing a dress is taking into consideration what you think your partner wants to see you walk down the aisle in,” Grace Loves Lace founder Megan Ziems told Elle.

“The most common request from partners was that the dress had to be simple, closely followed by a silhouette that hugs her curves, especially the bust and butt.”

The brand designed a gown based on this feedback; the HART dress, putting comfort, simplicity and modernity to the fore.

“We design for the woman, not the bride,” said Ziems.