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09th Sep 2021

Second hand to sustainable brands: How I created my kids’ zero waste wardrobe

Melissa Carton

Sustainable shopping for children is possible

Since having my first child in 2012, my love of thrifting in vintage and second hand stores for myself has turned into a quest to find unique and eco-friendly finds for my children.

Even when I travel, I’m always keeping an eye open for thrift stores and have picked up fab vintage pieces for my kids, from Berlin to Florence.

I often get asked by other parents where I buy my children’s clothing and, of course, if it’s somewhere abroad or a random charity shop I spotted I can’t always be helpful. But there are some vintage, second hand and ethically made brands for kids that I go back to time and time again.

1) Flopsy Shop

I’ve been shopping from Flopsy Shop for around three years now and I’ve picked up everything from vintage dresses, brands like Osh Kosh and Ralph Lauren to quirky one-of-a-kind finds.

It’s an online Irish business that buys and re-sells good quality second hand kids clothing and delivers nationwide.

Prices are incredibly reasonable and you could find yourself picking up a virtual basket load of clothes for under €15.

2) Community Aid Thrift Shop

Community Aid Thrift Shop is one of my recent finds, but I’ve already fallen in love with their selection of clothing for children.

The Gort based thrift store runs an online section of their shop and in the last week alone I’ve bought four dresses for my daughter, ranging from vintage to high end brands, costing me €20 including delivery.

They also sell adult clothing online, so you can even find some bargains for yourself.

3) Re-sell groups

If you’re on Facebook, go into the search bar and look into the Irish kid’s clothing buy and sell scene.

You’ll be blown away (I know I was) by the amount of re-sell groups catering to every style of kids wear, whether you’re looking for second hand designer, vintage or the popular Scandi brands.

They also give you the opportunity to sell any kids clothing you may have yourself , which is always a plus.