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24th Apr 2021

Staycation: 5 easy ways to give your bedroom a boutique hotel makeover

Are you ready to check in?

Trine Jensen-Burke

bedroom makeover

Let’s be honest; we all love checking in for a night at a glamorous hotel room.

The huge beds, the soft lighting, the luxurious bed linens, the complete absence of any mess and laundry (and stray toys), it is bliss.

But here is some great news, guys; you don’t have to save that hotel bedroom feeling for just weekends away – I mean; we all know how few and far between those can be!

Here are five simple, and even pretty low-cost, ways of upgrading your bedroom at home so that you can enjoy that boutique hotel feeling all year round.

1. Invest in (or DIY) a WOW headboard

A tall, statement headboard can transform your bedroom from blah to boudoir in no-time, and will instantly add height and grandeur too. For a more elegant look, opt for a plain neutral colour and go for stitching or buttoning into the upholstery. If you are looking for more of a wow effect, try a headboard in a punchy colour or with a really stand-out pattern.

There are plenty of headboards available to purchase, and only your budget and taste will dictate your options. But should you fancy DIY-ing one from scratch, rest assure that both Pinterest and Youtube are choc-a-block with tutorials on how-to.

The Linea headboard at House of Fraser is similar to this one below, and we think you can’t go wrong with a classic, tufted style.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 12.54.55

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2. Big up your bedside table

Any boutique hotel worth its weight will always have beautifully styled bedside tables flanking the bed, and doing this at home will instantly upgrade your bedroom. Not only are bedside tables practical for storing things you might need, like the novel you are currently reading, glasses, hand cream and birth control(!), they are also the perfect place to add a little style into your room.

A stylish bedside lamp is a must, not only because you need it for reading, but they can really add symmetry and style too. A few coffee table books, a lovely scented candle, and while you are at it, some fresh flowers too. You’re worth it.


(Image via

3. Upgrade your bed linens

Bedlinens form an essential part of the whole boutique hotel experience, and here I have once advice: Buy the best you can afford, and you will feel the difference.

Most luxurious hotels tend to opt for white linens, it looks serene and delicate and makes it easier to use other colours and accents in the room without it looking too busy. When it comes to material, Egyptian cotton is the best (and what all the nice hotels go for), and the thread count should be at least 300. This just means that the linens will feel incredibly soft and satin-y against your skin, and trust me, you want that feeling.

Once the linens are in place, use throws, bedspreads and cushions for adding a little colour and texture to your bed.


4. Think symmetry

If you think about any boutique hotels room you have been to, I am sure they will – most often – have featured symmetry. As in, two identical bedside tables, two of the same lamps, the same amount of decorative cushions on either side of the bed.

Symmetry is comfortable for our eyes, and it gives any room a very balanced and luxurious feel.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 13.29.56

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5. Splash out on something shiny

Subtly gleaming surfaces, especially in pale shades, add a little sophisticated glamour and is perfect for incorporating into your new, boutique hotel-style bedroom.

From polished chrome and glass to glossy satin and rich velvet, the materials in this room give it a super-luxurious feel.


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