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04th Jan 2015

The new season fashion trends you can actually wear

Update your wardrobe with some on-trend buys

Sive O'Brien

So, boho floor-length evening dresses are back on-trend. As are fringed 70’s-looking dresses and top-to-toe pristine white. These are looks I will not be wearing this season. Not unless I loan the kids out for a while; even then, I’ve no doubt some of their stickiness will miraculously end up smearing something. Cue fringing that’s been plaited (or cut with a blunt scissors to make a donkey’s tail); white clothes highlighted with an unidentified substance (most likely snot; possibly jam).

So, what will I be wearing to keep up with all this ‘nowness?’ Here are a few of my fave new looks; the lovely, wearable everyday bits that will make me seem more cool-girl than school-run-girl (here’s hoping).