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14th May 2016

My visit to Amy Huberman’s New Beauty Emporium, Oslo

Sive O'Brien

It’s pretty safe to say, we have a healthy obsession with Hubes – she’s the mum-pal we ALL want in our lives. She’s funny, cool, and self-deprecating in a way that we at are totally down with.

In a complete and utter stalker move (read more about our really stalker-ish behaviour here), I couldn’t help worming my way in to get a sneaky peek at the new beauty salon she has put her name to, Oslo. And she’s not just a brand ambassador, she is a co-owner, along with Rob Kearney, and a successful Irish entrepreneur.

It was the super-sexy Scandi décor at Oslo that really lured me in at first. The non-stop Instagram posts from movers and shakers around town really got my knickers in a twist; I had to go there.

And this is what I got: a complete experience. Right down to the beautiful décor that made me want to move right in on the spot. The staff and therapists are as friendly as Hubes too, big toothy smiles and genuinely helpful.


They do pretty much any beauty treatment: there’s a nail bar, skincare treatments, hair removal, tanning, lashes, and brows. But the skin solutions on offer were what excited me the most. They use cutting-edge technology by Carita Paris, and also a cool new cult product, Alpha-H I’ve read loads about – it’s great for problem-prone skin (sadly, still me!).

I got the Carita Supreme Wrinkle Solution Facial with the Cinetic Lift Expert. It’s widely regarded as one of the most effective facial treatments if you’re going down the oh-crap-I’m-looking-old route. They use this nifty device that combines three super-futuristic technologies: ultrasound for deep cleansing, followed by micro currents; then the therapist uses special cinetic lift gloves to sculpt and tone your face to lift, while Led technology stimulates collagen.

Bingo. It was like getting three treatments in one. My skin felt super-soft, it looked smoother, and was completely lifted around the eyes and cheeks – exactly where I needed it to be. The therapists at Oslo advise a course of six treatments. I’m saving to head back for more. It’s €125 a pop.


Did I leave feeling a little bit more like our favourite mum? Maybe not just yet, but I’m giving this beauty hub the serious thumbs up. The service, luxurious interiors, gorgeous textiles by Irish designer Aoife Mullane, and really great therapists are calling for me to return. And a second salon is due to open in Ranelagh soon too. Just on my route home.

Oh, dear.