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06th Sep 2017

Zara responds to accusations of ‘sexist’ kids clothes

It's the latest store to be hit with this criticism.

Anna O'Rourke

Zara has said its children’s clothes “deliver positive messages to both girls and boys.”

The retailer was responding to a mother who claimed that some of its kids’ jumpers on sale in a UK store were sexist.

Mum Andrea Bevan spotted a girls’ jumper, with the words like ‘love’, ‘joy’ and ‘sweet’ on it, close to a boys’ jumper with ‘master’ written on it in store.

She said that the word master implied “dominance and control.”

“Being asked what ‘Master’ means by my three-year-old daughter and then why it is written on the boys’ jumper was an experience I hope to never have to repeat,” she told The Huffington Post.

“It’s a totally inappropriate sentiment to be teaching to our children and the future generation,” she said.

In response to the accusation, a spokesperson for Zara said; “Our kids’ collection includes a very wide range of products designed to provide our customers with choice and deliver positive messages to both girls and boys.”

Zara is the latest of a number of brands to be accused of selling ‘sexist’ kids’ clothing.

Shoe store Clarks and UK supermarkets Sainsburys and Asda are some of the other retailers which have faced criticism recently.