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04th Dec 2023

How to size your child’s head for a bike helmet

bike helmet

Every year a lot of kids get bikes for Christmas

Of course, when you get your child a bike you’re going to need to get them a helmet for their own safety.

Yet it’s not as easy as buying a hat, you need to get the right size so that they are actually protected when they inevitably take a tumble.

Here are some easy steps for getting the right-sized helmet for your kid.

What do you need?

bike helmet
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All you need is a measuring tape which a lot of us already have at home hidden away in a hotel sewing kit we got years ago.

Wrap it around your child’s head one finger width or a centimetre above the eyebrows, it should be completely level.

If you don’t have a measuring tape, just grab a piece of string and use the same method. Cut the string to the correct length and measure it against a ruler.

How to make sure it fits properly

bike helmet
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When you get your hands on the helmet there are a few things you can do to make sure it fits:

  • Side straps should be adjusted to form a tight V under the earlobes
  • The chin strap should be snug, but not too tight under the chin. Make sure your child can open their mouth really wide without being uncomfortable.
  • The helmet itself needs to sit one finger width or one centimetre above the eyebrows (exactly the same as the original tape measurement.)

Test the fit

bike helmet
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To test if your kid’s bike helmet is too big, get your child to shake their head back and forth, ensuring it doesn’t slip over the eyes or expose the forehead.

You will know if a children’s helmet is too small if it leaves a noticeable line after it is worn.