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13th Nov 2018

Apparently, this was how you could ‘get’ a husband in 1958

Olivia Hayes

Howling. HOWLING.

As difficult as it is to date in the world of Tinder, we are laughing at what women were told to do back in the 1950s in order to get a husband.

After reading these suggestions from an unearthed magazine, it seems like finding a man was the be-all and end-all of a woman’s life… and it was incredibly easy to do.

But some of the suggestions on here are so bizarre, we can’t fathom a woman trying them.

Granted, it was a very long time ago – we suppose it’s good to know that we’ve come a long way since then.

This 1958 edition of the American magazine McCall’s is doing the rounds on social media and it suggests some things such as associating with “attractive girls” because they “might have some leftovers.”

Credit: Facebook/McCall's

Credit: Facebook/McCall's

Other suggestions include “crying in a corner” in the hopes he comes over to you and asks what’s wrong, as well as “stumble when you walk into a room” so you can grab his attention.

Credit: Facebook/McCall's

Credit: Facebook/McCall's

Honestly, we can’t get enough of it.

Picture credit: McCall’s Facebook