Should I let my 2-year-old daughter wear a bikini or is she too young? 1 year ago

Should I let my 2-year-old daughter wear a bikini or is she too young?

One mum is worried about the swimming costume she bought her daughter.

One mum was stunned when a woman said her daughter's bikini "sexualised" her.

The mum and her husband were on holiday with their two daughters, aged 2 and 8-months.

They were enjoying a day at the pool, but it was tainted by one woman's nasty remarks.

She told Mumsnet, "My husband overheard some women looking at me and our daughter, discussing that the bikini she was wearing "sexualised" her."

The mum said it is a Little Mermaid bikini with frilly details and sparkles.

Her daughter picked it out herself and loves it, the mum shared.

Her husband called out the woman's awful remarks.



"He took great joy in chipping in that it's only sexualising her if you look at it that way, before telling them that's his daughter."

"I honestly never even thought about it that way, to me she's just a little 2-year-old girl in a Disney outfit," the mum admitted.

"I have never come across anything like this before and it's the first time she's worn it."

The mum said she should be able to dress her daughter in what makes her feel confident.

"It's their problem they don't think it's appropriate, not mine,  but, I'm open for debate."

She asked fellow mums if they thought the swimming costume was appropriate or not.

"Were they out of order, or should I not let my 2-year-old show her bare tummy in a public place?"

Many agreed and said the woman was out of line and said she should mind her own business.

However, others felt her daughter was too young.

One said, "I don’t think it’s the bare tummy so much as the pretend bra….bikinis on children make me feel a bit uncomfortable."

"If people are sexualising children because of their clothing, that's their weird problem, not yours!"